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My name is Ebony Bland-Bethel. I was born in New Jersey and I spent most of my childhood there. I moved to Philadelphia Pa in the early 90’s. In 2012 I moved to Nassau, Bahamas. I am the owner of LMW Studios & Lash infusion Central products. I have attended various trade schools and colleges. I was most interested in body work, healing,skin care techniques, waxing, & Eyelash Extensions aka Eyelash Infusion!!


In April of 2006, I attended various classes at School of Body Therapies for Massage Therapy. My instructor was Ms. Joan L. Stocker. She ran the school for 20 years, and her techniques were one of a kind! I have learned 23 different massage techniques at this school. This school is designed for working adults. It is a self paced curriculum. The school offers evening & weekend courses. The school was bought out in 2009 by a new owner, Kathy Perniciaro, but now, after owning school for 14 years, she has sold it to Kati Driban who is a experienced educator, long time practitioner of medical Massage therapy & business owner of WELLNESS PROJECT,LLC!

In February 2008, I completed a 500 Hour Class. Then, in 2010, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided to license Massage Therapists. I became Licensed in October 2012

Email at [email protected]

(Original Address)
301 Oxford Valley Road
Suite 1303 B
Yardley Pa 19067

Current Address
760 Woodbourne Rd
Langhorne, PA 19047


In January 2011, I attended a 2 day Certified course for Eyelash Extension. A Eyelash Extension company named Shavasana started Nationwide training in 2005 in Huntington Beach, California.(As of 2018, the Company is now closed) My instructor was Mrs. Shannon Sirchie, a Licensed Cosmetologist held in Philadelphia Pa. IG @Supernaturalshannon 215-888-6303


In January 2011 I enrolled in school and by September 2011 I attended Jean Madeline Aveda Institute for a 300 hour Esthetician class. We learned Makeup, Waxing, Facials, Skin care line of Aveda & Spa Techniques. Business one on one of running a Spa. My instructor was Mrs. A. Mednick a Licensed Cosmetologist and Mrs. E. West a Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist. In December 2011 I graduated. In August of 2012 I received my license to practice in the State of Pennsylvania. 
315A Bainbridge Street Philadelphia pa 19147
1(215)574-9670 Ext. 1119


In November 2016 I attended a 1 Day Class of Microblading Course In Washington Dc with Lavish Brows. Microblading is a technique with a small handheld tool similar to a pen with a small tiny needle at the end, it creates short hairlike strokes to fill in sparse or thinning looking brows to form a shape of a natural eyebrow hair. Microblading can appear more natural because there is space between the hairs and it appears more blended to naked eye versus microshading gives the appearance of fuller brows because you shade the whole brow area.

My Instructor was Leandra Rodriguez. She is Educator of Microblading, Tattoo Artistry, & Esthetician.

IG @Lavish_brows


In October 2018 I attended a 1 day class in Miami Florida to Learn Mega Volume lashes by  @LashboxLa. Mega volume lash is when you take 6-15 hairs of .03 or .05 lash to create a fan lash for every 1 natural lash. My Instructors were Lydia Dominick she is Global Education Director and Master Lash Artist of @lashboxLyd & Master Last Artist Suzanne Galbos of @suzylashpro

In August 15-16 2021 I attended a 2 day class to learn Microshading with Ms Nicole of Savvy Brows of Chicago/ Atlanta in Nassau Bahamas. Microshading is the penetration of an electronic device used for Tattooing within 1-2 layers of skin that inserts pigment ink into a much deeper layer of the skin and it results in a powder-brow effect look, it shades the whole area of brow rather than hair-like strokes like microblading.  My instructor was Ms Nicole Mins . She is Expert Eyebrow Technician certified and trained in the art of Ombre brows and has served over 2000 satisfied clients  and trained over 500 students in various parts of the world. Her Mapping skills of the brows and her creation of color theory with Permablend inks for women of color is on extraordinary levels. She is one of the Top Brow Specialists in the World. @Ms_Nicole_J


Micro blading Certificate
Clarins Skin care Achievement
Esthetics Diploma Jean aveda
School of body Therapies Class Transcripts
Ombre brow certificate