Eyelash Infusion

EyeLash Infusion is a Semi-Permanent procedure to add length, volume and to give you a Longer & Thicker lash to add own natural lashes. This procedure can last for about month. Synthetic lashes are applied to your own natural lashes. Each strand of hair is attached to the base of your natural lash to create a more natural and beautiful look. The Extension is not attached to your skin in anyway only to the actual hair. It is a 60-90 minute procedure; laying down on a massage table in my comfortable private setting which is a truly relaxing sleeping beauty treatment. Most clients fall asleep during the procedure. They are always amazed when they wake up with gorgeous looking lashes. I work to set every lash to perfection from the first to the last lash. The lashes I provide are J-curl which is a natural single lash that comes curved in length (8mm-14mm). I can also provide Silk and Mink lashes. For Lashes with color such as Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Pink or Wine are provided here!!!!

I am currently offering my Eyelash Infusion services to Women/Men who want to have a more natural look. Eyelash Infusion is what I am branded it as, other known names are Eyelash Extension & Extreme lash!!

Come & get your lashes extended to your to desired length for a more natural looking Effect!!!!


Micro-Blading is a semi-permanent a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent color ink pigment to the skin. This technique creates hairlike strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows to create a desired Shape & Color & enhance their appearance of the brows. Micro-Blading is designed to penetrate thru to 1-2 layers of your skin only, where as in regular Tattooing goes thru to 6-8 layers of the skin. So with Micro-blading the effects last up to 1-2 years after which the pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows exactly as they were. But if you like appearance of your Micro-bladed brows you should get a touchup with in a year or 2 of the service.


Microshading is semi -permanent tattooing technique with the penetration of an electronic device used for Tattooing within 1-2 layers of skin that inserts pigment ink into a much deeper layer of the skin and it gives a appearance of fuller brows and it shades the whole area of brow rather than hair-like strokes like microblading. 
I can give you powder air brush ombre brow effect, & i add some light hair strokes in front of the brow to mimic the effect of a hair stroke along with your ombre powdered brows.  The Service can last up  to 2-4 years depending upon clients melanin and with proper care and maintenance.
First we will go over desired brow looks, color theory and figure your melanin skin tone. Then we will map, & measure brow placement for an outline for symmetry for shape and shade.